My Bookshelf – a cherished wish fulfilled!

This may sound simple, or even silly………………but here’s my story of how I finally was able to buy a bookshelf for myself!!

From the time I was little, I loved to see rows and rows of books on bookshelves scattered all over our home in Kolkata (Calcutta). It made me happy just browsing (in those days, a browse meant reading through pages of a book and not browsing the internet!!) through many of them.

Murder, mystery, romance, etc. from Perry Mason, Agatha Christie, Tolstoy, Marie Corelli, etc. from my Mom’s collection; to brainy stuff like science, engineering books, encyclopedia, etc. from my Dad’s collection. It was a true treasure trove. The thought of having a bookshelf of my own in my own home was one of the many wishes that I cherished in my mind…..……………always. A row of books neatly arranged on a bookshelf, to me was a clear sign of being scholarly and erudite! Not that these adjectives are valid for me, but yet I wished to have a bookshelf of my own (sound so much like Virginia Woolf’s a Room of My Own, isn’t it?)!!

Well, for one reason or the other I never settled down in a ‘home’ of my own; and when I did, I gave priorities to other members of my family for their wellbeing, and the thought of having a bookshelf of my own was……………sort of …..’shelved’!!

Some years later, I got a nice job in Mumbai and rented out a lovely flat in Versova, a north-western suburb of Mumbai. Soon I had some time and space to think about my needs and wants……….the thought of having a bookshelf came back to me! When I could afford I bought a small bookshelf but I piled so many books on it, that within two years, one of the shelves cantilevered and caved in! After that episode, I switched jobs and got so busy with my life that again, having a bookshelf of my own got shelved!

Eons later, again I realized that I still did not have a bookshelf for myself. All my collections of books were either lying in the loft or shut in many cardboard boxes. After some time, I liked a bookshelf online, unfortunately, it got sold out even before I could place an order. I was eyeing it for almost six months, when one day just by chance the picture of the bookshelf that I had identified, appeared on my browser (god, these cookies!!) and indicated that it was now available at a discounted price!! Without batting an eyelid, I ordered it!! The bookshelf flat-pack arrived in less than a week and got assembled very professionally by a pair of carpenters/engineers sent from the online store.

Now I am thrilled to bits! And I am genuinely happy that my life’s cherished wish has been fulfilled at last. I have neatly arranged all my books on the shelves, and every day in the morning, I am thankful for these books for all the education, knowledge, joy (and solace) they have given me, always. The bookshelf is placed next to my study table where I have my desktop and my laptop (with internet/wifi and what not) – an ideal place for me to read and read, and keep my mind busy and engaged in my passion and pursuit of seeking knowledge. This I will definitely never get tired of 🙂


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