How to have your own MOOC using Google Course Builder

I am putting up another article on my blog after almost six months……….was caught up in many other works.

But in the meantime, I did many courses on edX, studied about MOOCs (massive open online courses) and was able to use the Google Course Builder to create my own MOOC (in the cloud)!!

That was an achievement, I was thrilled to do it………… and thought I’d share it with everyone.

The thought of creating my own on-line course occurred to me when my fellow course mate for the GEMs Art of Teaching course suggested so. I have never met Karina (a teacher in Mexico) but one of her very encouraging comments in the course forums got me thinking………………hmmmmmm surely I can try this!!

First, I wrote to edX, I did not know where to write so I said I am a business developer, and would like to create courses on edX. Someone from there politely wrote me back that (a) either I have to be their partner (I am not sure what criteria they have to choose them) or (b) I should visit and wait to hear more developments from that website’s forum and updates.

I have never heard from them, as yet. But while there I read through many links how Google and edX were going to merge, etc. From there I reached the Google Course Builder website (

Google Course Builder logo

And although I am not a developer, I read through many tech documents, watched YouTube videos many times to understand what was happening, as there are many versions of Google Course Builder, some say this and some say that………………..attended some Google live events, and was able to build my course……….as an app. It is also a MOOC. Used the Google App Launcher to put up my course!

Currently it seems to be free; you can upload your course on Google App Launcher using Google Course Builder 1.8.0. But a word of caution……………nothing with Google can be free! If the traffic to your MOOC is high (not sure of the number) or the course is too large (or even popular and successful) I am sure Google will try and monetize your efforts………….someday may be!

Anyone interested? Perhaps I can help you out!



Aside: On a live event I put up a question to Google if Google Course Builder and edX are merging together, to that the answer was NO. Which is good for me, as any merger may mean headaches for course owners and their students, isn’t it?

Also at a later date, I found a new course of edX – edX101 – Overview of Creating an edX course. I am not sure whom this course is for, may be after edX agrees to be your partner then the course may help you to go step-by-step to create content and upload to their platform.

For a person like me, who has created on-line courses for years on LMSes, I have my own templates and methods for session plans……… and now with the help of Google Course Builder, I’d say I am in business of creating MOOCs.


2 thoughts on “How to have your own MOOC using Google Course Builder

  1. What a journey Dr. Anu! But first of all I have to thank you for mentioning me, I’m extremely honoured, and as I’ve said before, your contributions helped me a lot, so I’m very glad to hear I could’ve been able to give back a little.

    So yes, it seems like it has been a lot of work so far, good thing you have the necessary skills to research the best way to go about this project.

    I’m going to guess that a University would be the one required to offer the MOOC in your representation, or maybe if it becomes successful it’s a University the one that who would approach you (as you mentioned) but who knows. What matters is that you already began and are working on it, congratulations for that!

  2. Hi Dr. Anuradha,

    As part of my Ph.D., I will be developing a MOOC and I was thinking strongly of using Google Course Builder. Your post on this was very helpful. Would it be possible to view your MOOC on Google Builder? It would really help. Also, do you actually track the progress of students on your MOOC?

    Thank you.


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