My 20 kg Weight Loss Story!

I thought I should pen this as my first blog – because that is the first thing that came to my mind to write!!

I used to eat and eat and eat…………..and all for very valid reasons. I would eat when I was hungry, when I was bored, when I was stressed out, when I was watching TV, and when I was having fun with friends (lunch and dinner, and movies). I treated myself when I would achieve anything even small!! It was food food all the time. I would wake up thinking about what would I have ‘interesting’ for breakfast, and then take a ‘tiffin’ for an 11 am snack, then a lunch box for lunch, at tea time would go out with friends for a ‘wada’. In the evening back home I could have an entire packet of biscuits and still look around for something else!

I was 80 kg, almost 20+ kg over weight! And along with that I was also having a right shoulder problem. It had become chronic, and I could not move my right hand, other than using it to put food in my mouth! Still I ignored everything, and continued my faulty lifestyle, hoping against hope that my weight would come down and my right hand would become ok (we are always in denial, is it not?) automatically!!

The reason for stuffing my face all the time was all very well justified to me, till one day I saw my reflection in passing in a shop window! Was that me? OMG, my T-shirt was stretched across my paunch, and I could see the shape of my belly button all expanded and ugly! I was disgusted. That was a wake up call!!

With the help and goading from my friends, I first joined a yoga class, then started seeing a doctor for my arm, and started a physio routine. Couple of months later I joined a gym, which had many fitness freaks, and I quickly tuned into them! Thank god!! My weight came off gradually. And my shoulder became ok. The first 10 kg came off in 5-6 months, the next 10 kg took almost a whole year! Now I am 60 kg. But it does fluctuate from around 59 kg to 62 kg. I am conscious about it, and try and keep myself going.

I have a great gym group so they keep me motivated – we go jogging or hill climbing quite regularly. Then I also have found friends in the park close by – where we do some brisk walking for 30 min (3-4 km) almost every evening.

All this while I had completely eliminated all the food that I used to love before – steamed rice, potatoes/crisps and biscuits. These are my red-listed items. I have eased up a little these days, but only a little…………I watch what I eat, definitely! I also drink a lot of water.

One thing I have realised surely is that I think we all eat more for emotional comfort than for satiating our hunger. When I have weak food moments, say at 5pm in the evening or sometime while watching TV (especially when cookery shows are on!! Apparently such shows give unconciuos sublime cues to our brains), the first thing I eat is a ‘bhakri’ or a bowl of sprouts (I keep these handy everyday). So when my stomach is ‘full’ I will have less amount of food that I have red-listed!!

That’s the trick I have learnt now, to fool my brain and my body 🙂 Keeping a healthy weight is a relentless pursuit, it is a lifestyle change, and now that I have dialled into it, I am not going to hang up!! ]]>


2 thoughts on “My 20 kg Weight Loss Story!

  1. Great motivation Ana! You are not alone in the battle of the bulges. We all have a story at one time or another, what ever the reasons, stress, boredom or something else. Keep it up.

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